How to use

1. Use without tape

For most handlebars you do not need anything to keep the holder in place

2. Use with tape

Remove white protective tape and set around the handle. This will give will you extra grip around a thin handlebar

3. Use without protective tapes

In this alternative the phoneholder will stay very thight. Use this way if you let the holder stay on for longer period of time.

Remove white protective tape and open one corner of red tape to be able to remove it later. Set the tape carefully tight around the handlebar. Carefully remove the red tape. Place the phone holder around the tape by spreading it open as much as possible. Set to prefered angle. Wait 10 minutes. It will in place like it is glued. You can cut extra tape if you wish with sciccors.

A must for any golfer who wants to use apps available to lower your score. Fits tightly to the cart handle bar without any screws or tools. Comes with waterproof pouch with which you can use your phone in the rain.