DLV Phone Holder

The most user-friendly and reliable phone holder available

Steel reinforced for tight fit

360 deg rotate

Easy and fast to put the phone on

No screws and no tools needed

Lifetime warrenty*

* Used by delivery cyclist in Amsterdam since 2019 with zero breakage.

Ships immediately in Europe and in USA


Waterproof pouch with touch screen

Comes with handy waterproof pouch. Use it even it is not raining as shockproof cover. On the bike or off the bike.



  • steel plate reinforced
  • vibration proof 360 rotation mechanism

Tested by Pros

at Swiss Alps


Originally developed for professional delivery cyclists in Amsterdam


easy and fast to put the phone on

the phone can not drop if properly placed

works with any smartphone size available

comes with a waterproof pouch and handlebar tape for very thin handlebars

New Product

Rear View assistant

The most important safety equipment after the helmet.

DLV rva is not just an accessory—it's a necessity. With its radar-based rear view assistant, cyclists can see more and ride safer, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall safety on the road.

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DLV rva

Bicycle Rear View Assistant

Add Safety To Your Rides

See traffic behind you. Receive warning of erratic vehicle approaching

Record HD video of your ride

Automatically send strong strobe lights to warn the driver of a car they are getting too close

50 Lumen red light

Additional features:

Outside temperature sensor

Altitude by pressure sensor

Manage the Rear View Assistant and the lights from our app:

  • metric-imperial
  • brightness
  • battery levels
  • video on-off
  • lights on-off

DLV Audio Glasses

Using earbuds while cycling is not a good idea but with DLV audio glasses you hear the traffic noise also.

Hi-Fi sound quality is provided by Qualcomm high-end Bluetooth chip.

Get AI generated human voice reports and warnings if necessary what is happening behind you. This way you can keep your eyes on the road. Available with the Rear View Assistant.

Choose Black or White Frames

Comes with polarized grey and clear lenses.

Download DLV app soon

Works on a golf cart as well